FLEXIFOAM Red Soft Roll ZF120

The first foam based abrasive product on roll and pre-cut every 120mm. Extra slim for the ultimate flexibility. Delivered in a special dispenser box. Producing an excellent uniform surface quality. For extra stregth, the foam is coated with an extra ceramic coated Aluminium Oxide (CAO) abrasive grit. Lasts up to ten times as long as ordinary foam backed sandpaper and delivers a much finer and more even finish. It's that flexible that it can be double folded without any risk of cracking. All the advantages of the foam based abrasives combined with more flexibility, extra resistance and comfortable packaging. The product of the future! Can be used dry or wet.


Flexifoam Red Soft Roll

OpsommingExclusive Flexifoam product
Opsommingextreme flexibility
OpsommingExtra slim
OpsommingPre-cut every 120 mm
OpsommingDelivered in a special dispenser box
Opsommingcoated with Ceramic Aluminium Oxide
OpsommingLonger lifetime as ordinary foam backed sandpaper
OpsommingFiner and more even finish
OpsommingAll advantages of foam based abrasives combined with more flexibility.
OpsommingCan be used dry or wet

Medium density Z-foam coated on 1 side with abrasive grit.

Size:  24000x100x3 mm*
Standard abrasive grit:  Ceramic Coated Aluminium Oxide (CAO)
Standard grits:  #60 'coarse' #80 'medium' #100 'fine' # 120 'extra fine' #150 'very fine' #180 'super fine' #220 'ultra fine'
Packing:  1 roll per dispenser box and 6 dispenser boxes per container box.


Red Soft Roll



*All sizes and dimensions with a tolerance of ±2mm